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Dedicated in Supplying
High-quality Fastening Technology

As a partner to help you become a trendsetter

Graden Fastener is a global supplier of garment accessories for the apparel and bag / luggage industries.  Our manufacturing excellence allowing us to offer the world’s most comprehensive product portfolio and services.  We are an international team that develop our trims to co-operate with the season’s trends to make your garments chic and fashionable.

At Graden, quality is given. By implementing our Quality Control System in sourcing materials, the production process, and quality inspection, we are able to develop new industrial quality standards and return a higher output of  our products to many international customers.  Our production process follows our customers through the lifecycle of our partnership: our regional technical support provides pre- and after sales services to ensure our customers’ trust.

Taking advantage of opportunities in 2000s

At Graden, our mission is to provide the fast-paced fashion industry with not only fashionable and innovative, but also cost-effective and sustainable fastening and trims.

Cultivating of a Responsible Partnership

Dedicated fastener in a fast-paced and fashionable industry

Our design teams in Europe, the US and Hong Kong work alongside our international customers regularly. We provide inspiration for customers by offering the most fashionable trims in various techniques, materials, colours and sizes. We aim to offer not only unique and chic, but also safe products in the market.

Offering the most comprehensive product range

Graden offers the most diverse product range in the market. From metal trims (snaps, buttons, rivets, eyelets, badges) and plastic buttons to zippers, hangtags and labels, we have a complete fastening solution. With Graden’s extensive product range, you are offered a wide-range products, which can be tailored to your specific needs.

Providing more for less

How does Graden choose to keep costs affordable, even with our high-quality production standards? It’s simple – unlike other suppliers in the fastening industry, we believe that it is in the best interest of both our company and customers to offer reliable, cost-effective products, including professional and supporting services, in order to build long-lasting, trusting partnerships.

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